2021 Annual Meeting of Members Member Will Be Virtual

71st Annual Meeting of Members

It is important to keep everyone safe as we continue to navigate through these uncertain times. With that being said, your Board of Directors took action to hold the 71st Annual Meeting of Members VIRTUALLY on September 9, 2021 at 7:00pm. It is hard to predict what requirements will be in place come September and the Board determined it was best to make the decision early.

As we work through the logistics, we will keep members informed with bill messages, social media, newsletters, SmartHub and on our website midcentury.com.

In preparation for the Virtual Meeting, we request you contact our office to confirm we have your current email address on file. To verify your email or if you have any questions please call 309-778-8611 or send an email to info@midcentury.com.

Thank you,
Mid Century Board of Directors


*This event is held annually for Mid Century Telephone Cooperative members that reside in the telephone exchanges of…  Altona-484; Bishop Hill-927; Ellisville-293; Fairview-778; Gilson-876; LaFayette-995; Marietta-926; Maquon-875; Smithfield-783; Summum-759;  Table Grove-758; Victoria-879; Williamsfield-639; Yates City-358.