Mark your calendars

Preparations are underway for the 72nd Annual Meeting/Member Appreciation Night. It is so exciting to be back in person!

Nominating Committee Named

The Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for District 2 and District 6 in the upcoming Election of Directors at the 72nd Annual Meeting of Members. If you are interested in becoming a candidate, please contact a committee member listed below:

District 2 – Ellisville/Marietta/Smithfield
                     Debbie Shumaker and Nancy Quick

District 6 – LaFayette
                    Bruce West and Joe Winans

At Large District
                    Tom Williams

The committee will meet July 11th at the Fairview office to determine the slate of candidates.


Are You the Next Board Member?

It offers rewarding opportunities to serve your community. Call our office to learn more about Board service, expectations, and benefits. If a member is interested in serving on our Board, we have two methods to be on the ballot for election:

Selection by Nominating Committee
Our Nominating Committee selects candidate(s) for each district whose term expires. The nominating committee will meet July 11, 2022 at 6:00 pm.

By Petition
Fifteen or more members acting together may nominate a candidate by petition. The petition must be received 30 days in advance of the Annual Meeting at our Fairview Headquarters by close of business. Petitions received after that time will not be considered.

The Nominating Committee will be seeking nominations for 3-year terms in the following districts:

  • District 2 – Ellisville, Marietta, Smithfield
    Incumbent – Bruce Mahr, Term Expired
  • District 6 – LaFayette
    Incumbent – Tonya Pike

*This event is held annually for Mid Century Telephone Cooperative members that reside in the telephone exchanges of…  Altona-484; Bishop Hill-927; Ellisville-293; Fairview-778; Gilson-876; LaFayette-995; Marietta-926; Maquon-875; Smithfield-783; Summum-759;  Table Grove-758; Victoria-879; Williamsfield-639; Yates City-358.