73rd Annual Meeting of Members

Your Board of Directors, at their May 25, 2023 Board Meeting appointed the following members to serve on the Nominating Committee.

2023 Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for District 3, District 5, and District 7 in the upcoming Election of Directors at the 73rd Annual Meeting of Members, September 7, 2023. If you are interested in becoming a candidate, please contact a committee member listed below:

District 3 – Fairview/Maquon/Gilson
                     Sherry McCoy and Tancy Mitchell

District 5 – Victoria
                    Jack Huffman and Jeff Wilke

District 7 – Altona/Bishop Hill
                    Peter Main and Kevin Yepsen

At Large from District 4
                     Danny Powell

The committee will meet June 26th at the Fairview office to determine the slate of candidates. 

As a member-owner of Mid Century Telephone Cooperative, you have the opportunity to serve on our Board of Directors and represent the members in decision making and strategic planning. District 7, Altona/Bishop Hill will have an election as part of our 2023 Annual Meeting of Members. The incumbent has chosen not to seek re-election.

It is a rewarding opportunity to serve your Cooperative on our Board of Directors. Benefits of serving on our Board include:

  • Be part of the team that provides critical broadband connections for our region
  • Paid meeting and training participation
  • Expand your knowledge and skills through national and state industry conferences.
  • Opportunities to enhance and expand your business and community service skills
  • And much more!

Are you interested in serving on our Board of Directors as the District 7 Director?

Please contact our CEO, Jim Broemmer, at 309-778-8507 to learn more about the opportunities to serve on our Board and the election process.

Our bylaws require a Nominating Committee be appointed to nominate members for election to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting. Your board will be appointing the Nominating Committee at the May 25th Board Meeting. The list of committee members will be posted on this page, the Mid Century Group Facebook page and in the lobby of the Fairview office. You can also request the information by calling or emailing the office. The 2023 Nominating Committee will be seeking nominations for three 3-year terms in the following districts:

District 3 – Fairview/Gilson/Maquon

District 5 – Victoria

District 7 – Altona/Bishop Hill

The Committee will provide nominations for each district when they meet on June 25, 2023.

Mid Century Telephone Cooperative District Map

*This event is held annually for Mid Century Telephone Cooperative members that reside in the telephone exchanges of…  Altona-484; Bishop Hill-927; Ellisville-293; Fairview-778; Gilson-876; LaFayette-995; Marietta-926; Maquon-875; Smithfield-783; Summum-759;  Table Grove-758; Victoria-879; Williamsfield-639; Yates City-358.