local exchange service quality requirements

Subject to certain exclusions and limitations, any telephone company providing local exchange service in Illinois is required to:

  • Install basic local exchange service within 5 business days after receipt of a complete order from a customer or 3 business days after the provisioning of the line by the carrier whose network or network elements are being utilized by your local exchange company or by a customer-requested later date.  If a customer requests an installation date that is beyond 5 business days, service must be installed by the customer requested date.
  • Restore basic local exchange service within 30 hours of receiving proper notice that a customer’s telephone service is out-of-service.
  • Keep all repair and installation appointments for basic local exchange service when the company informs the customer that a premise visit requires the customer to be present for an appointment.  When the installation appointment cannot be met, Mid Century will notify the customer of the delay and the reason for such delay.

The above requirements are based on 83 Illinois Administrative Code 730.  They are subject to change by the Illinois Commerce Commission.