Watch some of your favorite programs, anytime and everywhere…
…on your mobile devices, on your home pc and everywhere you have an Internet connection!

watchTVeverywhere is included with your OPTURA subscription.  WatchTVEverywhere streams some of your favorite channels and programming to your tablet, smartphone, laptop and other devices from anywhere you have an Internet signal: your house, at the office, hotel, airport, vacation home and everywhere. There is no limit to the number of devices being used.

Plus, WatchTVEverywhere Service Is FREE…

There is no charge for the service, however if you are using a capped Internet connection on your device you could incur overage charges depending on your data plan. Check with your Internet provider.*

What Can You Watch With WatchTVEverywhere?

If you subscribe to the OPTURA Expanded Basic package you will have access to more TV networks than those that subscribe to the OPTURA Basic package. Each TV network makes their own decision about what to make available on watchTVeverywhere. For example, the live feed of CNN is available. However, the live feed of others is not. Instead they choose to offer full episodes of their popular programs. WatchTVEverywhere is continually working with many different program providers to expand the number of networks and programs available. Registered users are presented with a complete list of available networks. New networks will automatically be added to your list as they become available.

Why Aren’t All Programs Available?

A TV network doesn’t necessarily own all of the rights to all of the programs they transmit. A TV network may have the right to transmit a movie, but only to TV sets, not to watchTVeverywhere. It depends on the TV network.

What Devices Can Be Used?

Almost all watchTVeverywhere programs are available on a PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone and Android phone. However, some TV networks have not made their programs available on all devices. Visit your device’s app store and search by the network name for available applications.

How To Register for WatchTVEverywhere…

Registration is easy. To start you will need your Mid Century Communications account number and the spelling of the last name on the account. (You can find this on your last statement or contact our office)
Visit and watch a short 5 minute video.
Go to
Select your TV provider OPTURA from dropdown.
Click on “Register” and enter your Mid Century account number and your last name as it appears on the statement. Type the verification code as displayed.
You will then be asked to:
• Enter first and last name.
• Create a password (case sensitive).
• Select a password reset question.
• Supply password reset answer.
• Enter an email address for your username.
Click on “Register”.
Now check the inbox of the email address you just provided. You will find an email message with your watchTVeverywhere activation link. Click on the link to complete the registration process.

Now you are ready to start enjoying watchTVeverywhere. It is important to keep your username and password confidential. Use of your credentials by others will result in loss of watchTVeverywhere privileges.

Ready to WatchTVEverywhere?

Go to (Select your TV provider – OPTURA)
Click on “Log In”.
Enter your username and password.
Select the TV Network you want to watch. Click on the network and you will see a list of available programs.

*Please remember that watchTVeverywhere can bring TV programs to your computer and/or mobile device, but it does not include unlimited bandwidth. By utilizing this service, you may incur additional costs from your cellular or broadband provider. Make sure you understand the terms of your service plan prior to use.