Calling features

Voice Mail, Caller ID and More…
Enhance your phone service with features that transform your phone service into your own personal assistant.   We offer a variety of calling features free of charge, just for the asking in addition to multiple other affordable features.

Voice Mail with Optional Internet Access and E-mail Notification
Whether you are home, away, or on the phone Voice Mail will answer your calls for you.  It is easy to use and there is no equipment.  You are alerted of new messages with a stuttered dial tone.  Messages are easily retrieved through the phone and with the optional features of Internet access and e-mail notification. 

  • Personalized greeting
  • Message capacity
  • Message storage with date and time stamp
  • Retrieve, save or delete messages, make changes to your mailbox through the phone or manage my services link.

$3.00/month Residential and $5.00/month Business

Sub Mailbox $2.00/month Residential or Business

Voice Mail Instructions

Caller ID
Know who is calling before you answer.  This feature does require a caller ID display feature either on your phone or a separate device.  Calling number can block their number from appearing on display unit.
$6.50/month Residential and $7.50/month Business

Voice Mail/Caller ID/Call Waiting
This is our most popular package.  It allows you to know who is calling when you are on the phone, and you can choose whether to answer the call or let the call go to voice mail.  This service does require a caller ID display feature on either your phone or a separate unit.
$7.95/month Residential and $9.95/month Business

More Popular Features Include…
Auto Call Back – $3.50/month Residential and $5.00/month Business
Continually redials busy numbers for up to 30 minutes, and rings you when the line is free.
Auto Recall – $3.50/month Residential and $5.00/month Business
Recalls your last incoming caller.
Call Forwarding – Free upon request with Local Service
Forward your incoming calls to another number.
Call Forward Busy – Free upon request with Local Service
Forward your calls to another number when you are on the phone.
Call Forward No Answer – Free upon request with Local Service
Forward calls to another number if unanswered after specified number of rings.
Call Waiting – Free upon request with Local Service
A soft tone alerts you to an incoming call when you are on the phone.
Call Waiting Caller ID – Requires both Call Waiting & Caller ID service
Know who is calling when you are on the phone when your call waiting alerts you.
Distinctive Ringing – $3.50/month Residential and $5.00/month Business
Announces selected callers with a special ring.
Originating Call Management – $2.00/month Residence or Business
Take control of your outgoing calls with the use of a PIN.  You can allow or deny calls to specific numbers, area codes or exchanges.
Per Call Blocking – No Charge
Prevents your name and number from appearing on a Caller ID display unit for that call only.
Selective Call Acceptance – $2.50/month Residential and $4.00/month Business
Program your phone to only accept calls from specified list.
Selective Call Forwarding – $2.50/month Residential and $4.00/month Business
Forwards specified callers to another number.
Selective Call Rejection – $2.50/month Residential and $4.00/month Business
Blocks unwanted callers from disturbing you.
Speed Call 8 or 30 – Free upon request with Local Service
Program up to eight or thirty numbers for fast one or two digit dialing.
Telemarketer Call Screening – $2.95/month Residence or Business
Stops calls before your phone rings that do not carry name and number of calling party, “unknown” or “Out of Area”.
Three-Way Calling – Free upon request with Local Service
Allows you to add third party to existing phone conversation.
Toll Denial – $2.00/month Residence or Business
Restricts outgoing calls which requires a “1” or “0” before the number.

Calling Feature Guide

*Feature limitations apply, and some features are not compatible with each other.  May not be available in all areas.