Internet that is faster than fast!

Mid Century Fiber is excited to offer the most advanced communication service available today to our Cooperative Communities and to some of the Communities that surround our service area.

 Check out our residential and business Internet and Phone options and pricing in the Cooperative Communities.

keeping you connected with today's technology

Dreams of faster speeds and more bandwidth are now a reality with Mid Century Fiber, bringing you speeds of up to 1 Gig!  Fiber Technology gives you the capability to…

  • Download or upload movies, videos, music and more in minutes, even seconds
  • Have a family of 4 or more sharing speed/bandwidth with little or no latency
  • Turn your home into a SmartHome to monitor the lights, temperatures, sump pumps, security, doors and more
  • And the list goes on and on.

Live in the Cooperative Area? Become a member by adding a traditional phone line and receive a Monthly Credit on your Fiber Internet Plan of up to $125

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