Co-op Month

October is Co-op Month and a time to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of member-owned companies across America. As a co-op, Mid Century doesn’t have to answer to faraway shareholders. Instead, we focus on meeting the needs of our local members and building connections within our communities.

To celebrate Co-op Month and show our appreciation to our members, we will hold a drawing for a $71 bill credit each day, Monday through Friday, during the month of October.

Members are automatically entered and winners will be posted daily on our website at and on the Mid Century Communications Facebook page.

Other contests will also be taking place… 

                                   Call-In for a chance to win prizes – Call the office at 309-778-8611 (see details below)

                                   Social Media Contests – Watch theMid Century Communications Facebook Page for different contests.

Good luck to everyone and thank you for your loyalty to Mid Century Telephone Cooperative.

Co-op Month Call-In Contest

Starting Friday, October 1st through Friday, October 29th, members that call the office during business hours and update account information and/or check to see if their address is ready for an internet upgrade will be entered into a drawing. Drawings will be held on Thursday during Co-op Month. The winner will be awarded a $25 bill credit. Members that participate will be entered into a grand prize drawing for a chance to win a fall floral arrangement. 

When calling the office be sure to press option 3 to connect with the customer service department.

$25 Bill Credit Winner October 7, 2021… Marty York, Bishop Hill Exchange
$25 Bill Credit Winner October 14, 2021… Darin Pitchford, Maquon Exchange
$25 Bill Credit Winner October 21, 2021… Carma Jones, Marietta Exchange
$25 Bill Credit Winner October 28, 2021… V.I.T. School, Table Grove

Weekday $71 Bill Credit Winners...

October 1, 2021 – Susan Turnbull, Victoria Exchange
October 4, 2021 – J&D Hardware, Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Victoria Exchange
October 5, 2021 – Burton Stevens, LaFayette Exchange
October 6, 2021 – Tom Holmes, Victoria Exchange
October 7, 2021 – Jennifer Wise, Table Grove Exchange
October 8, 2021 – Lawrence Ringberg, LaFayette Exchange
October 11, 2021 – Rolland Mastin, Gilson Exchange
October 12, 2021 – Cindy Napier, Victoria Exchange
October 13, 2021 – Jack Wahl, Victoria Exchange
October 14, 2021 – James Larson, Altona Exchange
October 15, 2021 – Bill Burkhead, Fairview Exchange
October 18, 2021 – Scott Sunderland, Victoria Exchange
October 19, 2021 – Steven Butler, Summum Exchange
October 20, 2021 – Kenneth Walker, Maquon Exchange
October 21, 2021 – Anne Weaver, Maquon Exchange
October 22, 2021 – Larry Brooks, Smithfield Exchange
October 25, 2021 – Crystal Powell, Victoria Exchange
October 26, 2021 – John Flatman, LaFayette Exchange
October 27, 2021 – Margaret Sprecher, Yates City Exchange
October 28, 2021 – Kevin Martin, Yates City Exchange
October 29, 2021 – Main View Farm, Altona Exchange

Congratulations, we hope everyone enjoyed the weekday drawings!