Long Distance

Receive FREE, Unlimited Long Distance Calling within the U.S. 50, Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands when you sign up for Mid Century Long Distance beginning October 1, 2019!   

International Calling
International Rates – Variable
Rates vary depending on calling area. Please see CEI Rates, Terms & Conditions 

Toll Free Service
CenturyInBound Toll Free Service – .15/minute
(Residential and Business)
Great for business or residence, no monthly fee for service. Incoming calls are billed at only .15 per minute, in one minute increments within the US.

This service allows your family or customers to call you at no cost to them. You incur the cost. No special line or connection required.

*All rate plans above are for direct dial calls only and do not include taxes, surcharges, and universal service charge which are incurred on all long distance calls. Billed charges associated with 900/976 type services are not applicable to calling plans. Availability, pricing, plans and terms are subject to change without notice.

Effective 010/01/2019

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Mid Century CEI ICC Toll Tariff updated April 1 2010