Mid Century Fiber…Business

Evolving Your Business With Fiber Optic Technology

Mid Century Fiber Internet Provides… Increased Reliability, Lower Latency, Symmetric Speeds and Gigabit Speeds

The importance of having an Internet connection that provides high performance, reliability and scalability is greater now than it has ever been. Mid Century’s fiber network provides this state-of-the-art connection, giving your business the assurance of knowing the connection can evolve as the business evolves. Our cutting-edge technology delivers symmetrical speeds of up to 1 Gig. Just imagine how that would improve your day-to-day operations, productivity and opportunities for growth?

Business needs are unique and different from residential. In order to provide you the service you expect and deserve we need to know and understand your needs. To achieve this we request you contact us by phone at 309.778.8611 or send an email to fiber@midcentury.com to meet with a business specialist. We look forward to meeting with you.

With our fiber internet speeds, streaming LIVE TV, sports and more is a great way to save money, check out our “One Source” page for more information.

If fiber technology is not available in your area at this time, you can still receive quality phone, Internet and television services from Mid Century Communications.

Fiber FastNow Internet Speeds up to ONE Gig!

FastNow 50/50Mbps | FastNow 100/100Mbps | FastNow 250/250Mbps | FastNow 1000/1000Mbps ONE Gig!

Fiber FastNow Internet plans are available as Stand Alone or you can add traditional phone.  With our fiber internet speeds, streaming LIVE TV, sports and more is a great way to save money, check out our “One Source” page for more information.

Best Value!  Receive a $40/monthly Internet credit when you have a traditional phone line, active service and are a member of the Co-Op.

Take the worry out of equipment problems…
Sign up for our router maintenance/support and receive one service call per year, for ONLY $4.50/month.  Required with new service.

Gig… What Speed Can I Expect

Complete.Computer Protection
Network Mangement and Acceptable Use Policy
Terms & Conditions
Privacy Policy and CPNI

*Speeds shown are “up to” and not guaranteed.

The Best Choice for Phone Service When You Are Home… Crystal Clear Quality

Receive a $40 monthly Member Credit on your Fiber FastNow Internet Plan when you have traditional phone service!*

Traditional phone service is available as Stand Alone or you can add Fiber FastNow Internet.

Traditional Phone Service Includes…
Unlimited free local calling
Unlimited incoming calls
Free directory listing
Multiple free calling features added upon request… Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-way Calling, Speed Calling and Call Forward Busy/No Answer

Other Available Options Include…
Optional Calling Features
Calling feature guide
Voice Mail Guide
Mid Century Long Distance

Policies and Terms & Conditions

*You must have an active phone line and signed membership to be a Cooperative Member.  Services must be active to receive monthly FastNow Internet credit.

LaFayette Village, IL

Fiber FastNow Internet Business+/-
  • Faster is Better... No more long waits, download/upload in less time!
  • Speeds up to 50/50mbps, 100/100mbps, 250/250mbps & 1Gig!
  • Increases productivity
Ready For An Awesome Internet Experience?
Fiber FastNow Internet
Speeds up to
FastNow 50/50
FastNow 100/100
FastNow 250/250
FastNow 1000/1000 One Gig
  • Internet
    • Speeds shown are up to and not guaranteed
  • Fiber
    • Fiber Connection
  • Additional Notes and Fees
    • *Additional $4.50/month equipment fee required
    • *Installation charges may apply
    • *MC phone service required to receive monthly internet credit
    • *Service may not be available in all areas
    • *Taxes, surcharges & fees may apply
    • *Terms & Conditions apply
Local Phone Service Fiber+/-
  • Crystal-clear, quality calling
Ready When You Are
  • Phone
    • 3-way Calling (free upon request)
    • Call Forward Busy/No Answer (free upon request)
    • Call Forwarding (free upon request)
    • Call Waiting (free upon request)
    • Long Distance (additional charges may apply)
    • Optional Phone Features & Services Available
    • See more phone options on Residential or Business Phone page
    • Speed Calling (free upon request)
    • Unlimited Free Local Calling
    • Unlimited Incoming Calls
  • Fiber
    • Fiber Connection
    • Optional 8 hour battery backup available for fiber phone $2.50
  • Additional Notes and Fees
    • *Additional charge applies for Multiline Service
    • *Installation charges may apply
    • *Taxes, surcharges & fees may apply
    • *Terms & Conditions apply

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